Yoga videos: what are the popular video platforms to try

Online yoga videos are hugely popular. It’s a practical way to get your yoga done anywhere, anytime. There are so many benefits, like time and convenience, it is needless to state the obvious here.

As some of the social media platforms start serving videos as TV-style programming, videos are gaining even more traction.

So here are some of the most popular yoga video platforms that are worth a try.


Omstars has yoga videos for all levels and styles from an elite team of highly trained teachers like Kino MacGregor, Kerri Verna, and Eddie Stern. Calling themselves “Netflix for Yogis”, the videos are curated by a selected group of yoga masters. The cost is $14,99 monthly.


Yogaworks has over 1000 yoga videos that are creatively curated. From surfing playlists to practicing with your dog, the video series also include different yoga challenges, making it very easy to pick based on your needs. The cost is $15 monthly after the 14 free trial.


YogaGlo has a 15-day trial and the subscription is 18 dollars a month afterward. It seems they have stopped updating their website mid-2017, so I am not sure about how fresh the videos are these days. The onboarding is super easy and cute for starters.


Gaia has evolved to be more than just yoga videos, as it positioned itself as a conscious media company and it tries to be a tribe of inquisitive minds. Membership starts at 99c a month for the first month, then $9,95 monthly.


YogaAnytime calls the videos “shows”. Users get the sense you are surfing for entertainment, adding some fun visual elements to the thumbnails. They do have a big selection of different teachers to pick from.


DoYouYoga has a free 30 days yoga challenge to get you started. And you get a cute badge once you complete the challenge! They also offer weekly yoga videos for free if you subscribe to their newsletter.

Premium content is $15 monthly after 7 days for $1.


The Yoga Collective

They donate 20-50% of their profits to charity to help make our world a better place. Their online yoga classes are shot in-house, in Venice Beach.


Most videos are free. There is always an option to subscribe later for $10 monthly. The platform seems a little bit more simple than the others, but their mission is to provide the world with high quality, free yoga online.

So with so many yoga video platform available these days, not practicing is no longer an option. There are videos of all types, needs, and lengths. Yoga online is a quick browsing experience away, so get on your mat on 2018.

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