Yoga body: influencers that bring diversity and inspiration into yoga

Do you have the “right” yoga body? A recent study has shown that one of the top reasons people don’t start doing yoga is because they think “my body is not right for yoga“.

Because we don’t agree that there is a right body for anything, we want to list some awesome people that bring diversity into the yoga community. YOGA IS FOR EVERYONE.

Body Positive Yoga

Meet Amber Karnes! She is all about self-acceptance, body peace, fat positivity, social justice, accessible yoga, mindfulness.

Tabay Atkins

Meet Tabay Atkins! The world’s youngest yoga teacher!

Tao Porchon-Lynch

Meet Tao, the world’s oldest yoga teacher! 99 yrs young inspiring millions. Activist, model, actress. Also the oldest Ballroom Dancer World Book of Records 2017.

Body Positive Aust/Fat Yoga

Meet Sarah Harry! Fat Yogini, ED & Body Image Specialist, Author, Educator, Founder Fat Yoga, BodyPeace and Body Positive Australia ♥

Yoga is a beautiful ancient practice to bring mind and body together, no matter your body, yoga is for you.” – Sarah

Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts

Meet Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts! Yoga Educator + Founder of Yoga, Literature, & Art Camp at Spelman College ? #RedClayYoga

Black Girl Yoga

Amazing pictures from #BlackGirlYoga.
Community. Visibility. Inspiration.

“BlackYogaGirl is a diverse and global community of Black women sharing their yoga practice to build community, increase visibility, and inspire others”

Karma Kids Yoga

NYC’s only yoga studio dedicated just to kids and families. Children’s Yoga and Teen Yoga Teacher Training. Come Play Yoga!

“We believe in reading a child’s energy and offering a playful and mindful yoga experience that’s age-appropriate and fun.”

Valerie Sagun

Meet Valerie Sagun! Author of the new book ‘Big Gal Yoga’!


Meet Jessamyn! Author of the book “Every Body Yoga”

Accessible Yoga

The beauty of yoga is its endless adaptability so it’s truly a practice for everyone.

Ayanna Pasha Yoga

Meet Ayanna! She is a Muslim, yogi and a yoga instructor in Seattle/Tacoma, WA.

Kathy 0805

 Meet Kathy, a Korean woman doing ballet yoga handstand with a baby!




Do you know anyone that inspires you to break the stereotype for yoga body?
Want to add anybody else to this list? Send names and links in the comments!

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