Why it’s free

FiitZ does not charge yoga teachers or users to connect, to follow and to list or browse for classes. The platform is currently 100% free of charge.

Teachers can create their profile, with their social media links, pictures and list all their classes. Yogis can browse through all the teachers, classes and filters to find out what is going on. To us, that easiness to find yoga is the key to help the community grow and to attract more people to yoga.

This is our core platform and we want the community to engage and enjoy.

Soon, we will have additional features – and we might or might not charge for them, but OUR COMMUNITY-DRIVEN YOGA PLATFORM IS FREE.

That means we are still working on making the platform better in many ways and learning from all the user’s feedback. It also means that everyone has a chance to collaborate with ideas on how to make this platform the go-to place to find all classes and teachers for the best yoga experience. Not the cheapest classes, not the most popular class, but the best experience for each individual yogi. This is what we value the most.

Feel free to send us a note and let’s chat anytime!