Top 100 business cards for yoga teachers to shine. Be inspired!

Business cards are one of the top yoga business must-haves. It’s so simple, yet such a difficult choice to make at times! We picked lots of designs that we love. Browse these awesome business cards for yoga teachers.

Notice how colors, fonts, and symbols work together to compose these beautiful little works of art. If you want to know more about colors and compositions, read the post about the 4 essential elements in a yoga business logo.

Clean and simple business cards for yoga teachers

These cards have simple communication, focusing on a couple of elements only: color, a short meaningful sentence or the font. The font has a huge impact on the overall layout.


Colorful and joyful business cards for yoga teachers

The carefully chosen palette of colors creates an impact right away. Lots of colors bring out the joy of the design.

Deep in black and white business cards for yoga teachers

For a more serious and modern layout, black & white is a classic and another color can be added for extra impact.

Green and zen business cards for yoga teachers

Green is a favorite color for all wellness and health marketing as it evokes nature naturally.

Recycled and organic business cards for yoga teachers

For an earthy vibe, use recycled paper with stamped, pressed elements or green items. The final look is very fresh.

Cute and young business cards for yoga teachers

A young looking business card does not have to be childish if the main elements are kept light and fun.

Modern and different business cards for yoga teachers

Modern art and creative looking cards can also make a great impact without looking out of place.


Geometrics, lines, and shapes business cards for yoga teachers

Geometric and similar shapes will always be considered classic. Multiple colors and combinations can widely differ the end results.


Flowers and romantic business cards for yoga teachers

Flowers are a classic as well as romantic business cards with watercolors. Soothing colors will always have a place in our world.


Blue and calm business cards for yoga teachers

Blue is the most popular favorite color between men and women equally. When in doubt, go for your blue colors.

Premium and exclusive business cards for yoga teachers

Sometimes you just want to come out as exclusive and cater to a very niche market. Certain items as gold colors, embossed details, and thinner more traditional fonts will evoke these perceptions.




Mandalas and lotus business cards for days and days…

Of course, we could not finish our selection without looking at these beautiful mandalas and lotus flower designs. Namasté!



How to get started?

You may consult your favorite designer (we always recommend working with awesome professionals!) or visit some of our recommended online business card services:

Do you have an amazing yoga business card that you would love to share? Please leave a picture in the comments to inspire others as well.


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    These are all great but you don’t mention the sources for each. Would be nice to go to that template.

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