Easy Social Media Tips for Yoga Teachers

This is a very popular topic, so I wanted to share my super easy to implement social media tips for yoga teachers. These are tips that anyone can start today and implement, independently of their social media expertise (although I highly recommend watching the basic social media for yoga teachers video first). These are tips that can be applied to different social media, like Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest.

Before we get started with the tips, you should be thinking about your 3 kinds of posts and your social media mix.

  1. Educational Content – Content is king and this is where your audience draws the most value. Whether it’s tips on yoga postures, nutrition or yoga history, sharing is caring! There is so much you can teach people about…. just go for it!
  2. Promotional Content – Inform your followers about your offerings. This is your opportunity to let people know when are your teaching next, your videos and your events.
  3. Personal Content – This is your time to shine! A lot of people are interested to know about YOU. Share your uniqueness, your background and your journey through the different times.

The important thing is to pick the right mix for the audience you have and the audience you want to build. Audiences curiosities may vary over time, so be observing of what is drawing engagement, comments and bringing you new followers.

Engage with the target audience

Comment, follow and respond to your audience in your social media, but also in their profiles. Show that you are reading what they post and that you appreciate who they are. Social media is a 2-way street and the best place to be approachable, whether you have 100 or 100k followers, they are only one message away.

Be authentic

Don’t post something just because it is popular or seems the “right thing to do” that day. Popular hashtags come and go. Stupid trends fade away on the internet faster then you can close your browser. Don’t follow into the trap of jumping into something that seems popular but doesn’t truly resonate with you. If you are not being authentic your core following will notice and will be annoyed by the lack of the sincerity. Be true to your own persona.

Watch for good opportunities

If something that you know about starts trending: spread the knowledge. Do use the right tags or tag people and brands that are related to the post. This does not mean spamming people, but rather show you thought about them when creating interesting content. Or perhaps, tag someone as the source of the information. When a good opportunity arises, be fast to act on it. In the online world, timing is everything.

Track your efforts

Use an analytics tool to gather data (Google Analytics or Hootsuite) and create learnings. Over time, you might create a sense of what works and what doesn’t with your content and followers. But certain things might escape your knowledge unless you are truly keeping track of it. Example of things to watch: time of the day and day of each post, the type of content you are posting and the engagement each has received or the kind of visuals that you use to bring your posts to life.


Do you have any other easy social media tips for yoga teachers? Leave a comment below!

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