Search trends in online yoga for 2018

As a newly launched yoga platform, I was browsing for keywords for our own marketing campaign ideas when I noticed a few search trends in online yoga that could interest others. If you haven’t heard about it, Google has a tool called Google Trends that is quite interesting. It shows what keywords and topics are trending in search, so you can better understand your audience and brainstorm some opportunities for your yoga business.

Here are my observations on search trends in online yoga.

Searches for “yoga near me” continue to rise as yoga goes more mainstream each year.

As more studios launch around the country (and the world) and more teachers are being trained, yoga is quickly becoming a mainstream ‘sport’ for the body and the mind. There are more magazines being launched, more blogs exploring subjects from asanas and physical benefits to mindfulness and more people are talking about it. This is a great opportunity as people are being informed about the power of yoga into their lives.

Be aware that since Google tends to autosuggest searches to expedite your experience, it helps to inflate certain behaviors. This is not a bad thing, as most people would be looking for yoga nearby anyhow, but it does influence some search phrases a bit.

Hot yoga continues to be a popular yoga modality.

The top related query from Google trends for ‘yoga near me’ happens to be ‘hot yoga’ and ‘hot yoga near me’.

And interesting enough, Albany and Bellevue are the cities with most searches for ‘hot yoga’ in the last 12 months.

Hot yoga has twice the interest online than power yoga.

When comparing ‘Hot Yoga’ with other types of yoga, we notice almost twice the interest throughout the whole year. Yet kundalini and vinyasa show less seasonality, with lower peaks in January and little dropoffs during the year. This could be an indication of a more loyal student base. Meanwhile, Hot Yoga and Bikram are often times associated with weight loss programs and could be boosted by the new year and pre-summer workouts needs.

When comparing ‘Hot Yoga’ with other types of yoga, it seems to be the favorite across the country, with a few exceptions.

Search for “yoga” peaks every year in January.

This particular trend should not be a surprise to anyone. Each new year, people run to yoga and gyms across the country. That being said, studios and yoga teachers everywhere should be already preparing for the influx of new students but also be creative about new ways to keep people engaged.

Hope you enjoyed these search trends in online yoga! Don’t miss out on the opportunity these searches bring to your business and list your yoga classes on the FiitZ platform today.

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