Recent scientific studies about yoga and health

Yoga is amazing and we all know that. Until recently, very little scientific proof was being provided by the health industry. However, as the yoga community grows stronger, scientists and researchers are collecting data about the improvements we already feel in our lives. This is great news and should be shared with the people that need the most.

Here are some amazing statistics and benefits yoga can provide to your health.

Hatha Yoga eases Parkinson’s disease symptoms

This study shows that Hatha yoga is an acceptable complementary method for improving motor function in Parkinson’s disease. Oxidative stress is thought to play a key role in the progressive loss of neurons. Exercise is an integral part of the management of Parkinson’s disease because physical activity has been shown to reduce oxidative stress, delay the deterioration of motor functions, and improve mood impairments. Because of its gentle approach, yoga shows promise as an intervention that can be adapted to persons with PD who may not be able to participate in a strenuous or intensive exercise.

Meditation for older adults improves depression symptoms

Preliminary results at 6 weeks demonstrated improvements in sleep impairment in older adults compared to the control group and promising trends in improvements in depression symptoms and pain severity.

Child's pose as medicine for your health
Child’s pose is one of the best poses for your health

Yoga helps with pain, especially back pain

People with low-back pain who took weekly yoga classes for 12 weeks experienced less pain and greater physical function. The yoga classes emphasized poses to help strengthen back and core muscles. Best of all, the yoga group was also more likely than the education-only group to stop taking pain relievers after a year.

Yoga is another way to prevent osteoporosis

A dozen yoga poses, performed daily, may increase bone density. The x-ray (DEXA) scans the yogis submitted at the end of the study showed significant increases in bone density in the spine. Hip bone density increased, too, but not significantly.

Regular yoga practice can improve sperm DNA quality

Regular practice of Yoga by men can reduce the incidence of recurrent spontaneous abortion as it improves the quality of sperm DNA. It has shown to lower oxidative stress, reduce DNA fragmentation, and thus improve genomic integrity and normalize sperm transcripts.


Please do share these amazing benefits of yoga with people who might benefit from it. Educating people on the real benefits of yoga and how it relates to health, makes our community stronger.


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