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A while ago, inspired by a group discussion on Facebook, I decided to do some research on Google about Yoga. The group discussion was on how to name classes and yogis had different points of views. These diverse points of views were based on whether they thought the yoga class name was appropriate and not offending anyone but was also clear enough so students would quickly know its purpose.

Anyhow, I opened up my Google Keyword Planner to gather some data from the users perspective. First and foremost in my research, I like to understand where people are coming from and what is their intent when looking for certain kinds of information online. In this scenario, someone that is looking for local San Diego yoga classes.

So, what did I learn about people searching for San Diego yoga classes?

First, let me tell you the parameters of my research. The data we are analyzing pertains to the San Diego area, English language only. Another goal of mine was to understand the searches that would most likely lead to physical classes. That means I have excluded any search queries for “asanas”, “poses”, “videos” and similar expressions.

Quick note:

What are keywords? They are the exact words people type in Google, which ultimately leads someone to conduct a research and drive them to websites.

What are ‘monthly searches’? It’s the average monthly times’ users have typed that keyword or keyword phrases to perform their research. These are exact words used, which means someone can search for the exact same thing saying it differently. For example, “yoga class in San Diego” or “San Diego yoga classes” are 2 distinct keyword phrases and your website may rank differently for each.

That being said, here are my personal thoughts.

Generic searches show lots of people still starting their path to yoga information

These are the high traffic keywords. As with most topics, users tend to start their searches using broad terms, investigating the subject from a more generic perspective.

Notice how Reiki has been generating a good amount of local curiosity.

Hot Yoga, Kundalini and Guided Meditation are the top searched yoga styles in San Diego

I think it is no surprise to anyone that after “yoga San Diego”, the most searched term is “hot yoga”. However, Kundalini yoga (a fairly unknown practice from the general public) has been emerging along with guided meditation as a popular search.

If you add both search terms ‘kundalini yoga’ + ‘kundalini’ it comes in a close second type of yoga with 800 searches monthly, versus ‘hot yoga’ + ‘hot yoga near me’ + ‘bikram’ with 910 monthly searches.

Lots of opportunities in niche yoga classes like yoga for back pain, yoga for seniors, yoga for scoliosis, etc.

This is the group of keywords with less than 100 searches monthly. These niche yoga classes are referred to as long tail keywords in the online marketing world. That means that users typed at least 2 or 3 words in their searches. Typically it reaches niche demographics rather than mass audiences. They are more specific and often less competitive than generic keyword terms.

So if you are specialized in any niche yoga, make sure to clearly state that in your marketing material and channels. Although these users may seem like they are not numerous, they are searching for a specific need. These prospect yogis are the most likely to contact you if you are found.

Extra tip: 

If you want users to quickly relate their needs (and what they are looking for) with your yoga class and offering, use keywords in your titles and descriptions. Remember, this is all about clear communication and that starts with speaking the same language as your prospect students.

Interested in this topic? Leave me a comment below with your opinion or keep reading about how to master your online yoga persona.


Download the full keyword research on this topic.

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  1. Jackie says:

    Love this data. Thank you for this research! Do you have any additional research references on yoga event targeting on facebook? Great stuff!

    1. Sabrina Gallier says:

      Happy to hear that, Jackie! Let me look into other stuff and I will let you know.

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