How you could be missing opportunities (and bookings) right now!

As I went through several Yoga searches South of LA in the last few months, I have seen a lot of websites. Some are fancy, some are simple and some are simply a disservice to anyone looking for basic answers!

We all know that as a yogi, perhaps you are not super passionate about keeping your website up to date or your Instagram with the right photo filters. But some basic mistakes are being made on the internet right now and it could be hurting your business. So I made a quick check list of the things I have seen in a few websites, that way you can make sure you are not trapped in this basic mistakes!

Contact Us page missing

Perhaps this is the most important page after your class schedule page. Most of us students want to know where the classes are located and lots of times we want a quick phone number and an email for correspondence.

If you want to provide a great experience to your users, think about including an email and your address at the foot of your website.

Long forms for contact

Lots of websites these days have contact forms and that is great, but keep in mind that forms with lots of fields are annoying and in fact it deters a lot of communication from ever happening.

Another thing to contemplate when using forms is the fact that they seem like a bureaucratic way to start a relationship with your possible student. Users always question if someone (if anyone at all) will respond to an inquiry via a website form.

Clear call to action

Each page on your website has a specific purpose and goal: to engage your user a little further and finally create a connection or entice someone to come to class. Some websites do look like a labyrinth, and you are wondering around not knowing where to go for more information.

Some easy suggestions: make it clear to your user on the homepage where to click for the class schedule. When on the class schedule, make it obvious that the student can save a spot or pay online.

Updated pictures

We all like to know what to expect. Wether it’s a small cozy and intimate studio or a luxury spa scented experience, have professional pictures taken and uploaded to your website. If you are truthful to the experience you are about to share, you could have better students and better online reviews.

Don’t use excessive photoshop, but definitely invest on having a nice image online!

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