Having Instagram followers is a tactic, not an end goal

Yeap, that is a bold claim. Yoga is beautiful and visually appealing. Naturally, Instagram and Pinterest are 2 excellent social media to post amazing asanas and gather some likes and followers. However, as we say it in marketing, these likes and followers can quickly turn into a vanity metric. That means these are metrics that are not necessarily aligned with business metrics.

For example, can you think of ‘likes’ turning into engaging comments and questions? Of course, but how many likes turn into paying clients?

‘Instagram likes’ purely for itself is just a vanity metric, making us feel good to have the approval of many users. Followers can also be fake. But likes and followers as a part of an engagement metric to reach more students and turn that into sales opportunities is a business-oriented metric.

Have a big picture marketing plan

As part of a marketing plan, Instagram can be a powerful tool for yoga teachers. It gives yogis an insight into someone’s life philosophy and learnings. Mixing the right amount of authentic personable content and product information (your classes and events) should be part of a plan.

Depending on how many people you want to reach and your social media mix, you should test different messages, ask questions and keep track of engagement levels. You can take a look at these product promotions on Facebook to get inspired by new ways to do your own creative storytelling. Some experts say you should promote your business product every 3-4 posts, but each audience is different. For example, summertime or end of year promotions might receive more frequent posts as the timing is ideal for increased business.

Have a sales funnel strategy

Having a big picture marketing plan and knowing where and what to promote is great; however, you need to measure success. Success is typically having a class or event full of paying students. So it is essential that you have full control of all the steps that took users from the beginning to the end of their journey. How many people did you reach with a post, how many likes did it generate? How many trials did you have during that period?

Just the fact to have this information could take you a step further in understanding possible new opportunities (like when to post to engage enough users to an event) and possible challenges (like holidays where you might be better off staying off the grid).

Having a clear sales funnel can also show correlations between certain marketing campaigns and walk-ins, or other unrelated metrics (like the quality of student based on revenue).






Anyhow, if you haven’t done it already, think about your yoga marketing plan past the likes and rise above the vanity metrics into solid business metrics.


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