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Bring the right students to your classes

Yoga is about connecting with people and engaging through positive energy and practice. If you provide more information on yourself, your teachings and each class, you will attract more of the right students. Link to your videos, social media, and playlists to get all the information you want to share in one central place. Then get your marketing going and ask your students to comment on your classes. Grow your own following over time nurturing your students.

Promote your yoga teachings in one place

Whether you teach in several studios, promote workshops, retreats or outdoor events, you can now organize all your classes in one platform. That makes it simple for you to manage your schedule. It is also easy for your students to know what and where classes are taking place at any time.

Connect with your students the smart way

Message all your students and followers to let them know when your schedule has changed or when you are organizing a new event. Create new opportunities by using an easy tool to communicate with your students and followers who have favorited you as their teacher. These are students that are eager to hear from you and your endeavors.


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