How to create basic marketing for yoga online?

Marketing is about making people understand who you are and why they should pick you. Marketing for yoga is no different. It is about telling the story of what makes you and your practice unique.

Pick the right words

It goes without saying that people are looking for inspiration out there. Think about how you want to inspire someone. You can inspire people in so many ways, but here are a few examples that could inspire me:

  • Tips on basic yoga postures
  • How to train for more complex poses
  • Tips on how to keep mindfulness
  • Notes on human body, bones, and structure
  • Mantras and translations from Sanskrit
  • Be clear on your own goals

You should state what the class is, what is the format you are proposing and who will benefit the most. If a class is meant for a specific public, it is your duty to let people know. There is nothing wrong on recommending another class or another professional. The person and your students will appreciate the effort to keep the experience cohesive.

Pick the right pictures

There are lots of yogis out there doing beautiful beach yoga poses. Most likely, your page has to be different. When I am thinking about getting a class with someone I do not know, I follow them on Instagram. I just want to see their style. I don’t care if they don’t have a Bakāsana on the top of a building. I just need to know he is a good person and writes cool stuff that resonates with me.

Maybe I will get the feeling the class will be too light or too advanced. That is exactly what I need to know going in.

Only post great pictures

They have to be high quality, good lighting, great message. This is your work and your business, have the best and most amazing photographs if possible. If that means hiring a photographer or annoying some friends all the time, that’s what needs to be done.

There is no shortcut. No great professional has started a business and succeeded overnight. Communicating to your audience requires time, work and patience. But I can assure you it also pays off and the work can be very rewarding. So why not start today on your marketing for yoga?

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