How to create your own authentic yoga persona

If you are a yoga teacher and need to promote your classes, you need to create an online presence. Whether you take the time to think about it or not, what you say and post online is already your yoga persona. So to get the best results from your online presence, be prepared to create a strategy that serves your main goal.

We hope you take the time to go through these tips thoughtfully and develop an authentic yoga persona that is powerful and generates the results you want.

Define your niche audience

Who will you be passionate to speak to?
What is the community that you want to be a part of?
You can’t be good at everything, so be an expert on something to start.

The easiest way to define your niche market is to visualize your ideal customer. Make a wish list with real attributes, like geolocalization, age, hobbies, etc. If you were going to grab coffee with your ideal client, what subjects would matter and how would you approach them?

If you focus on a small group of people with clarity, it is easier for you to think about how you can best help them and why you are choosing them as your ideal niche. Develop your voice and content around this line of conversation.

Understand your purpose

What is your content about?
What should your content bring to life?
How can you build a storytelling process that makes sense to your niche audience?
Identify your emotional appeal. Answers to these questions should provoke some thinking and discussion. This is about finding your passions and your strengths. Chances are that if you are not passionate about the things you talk about, your persona will come off as fake.

“What you think, you become”, Buddha

Create your long-term goals

What is success to you?
What is happiness like in your journey?

Success is different for everyone. Success also changes over time. It is ok to rethink and redefine your strategies to reach your long-term goals, but it is NOT OK to not have any. Some goals could include making an impact locally, or creating a reputation for yourself, or maybe you have financial goals. The important thing is to make your long-term goal very clear at all times and adjust it according to your journey.

Show who you really are in social media

No fakes, no pushing what’s not authentic to you.

An essential part of successful storytelling is to be consistent with the messages posted.  If you care about a particular subject, keep true to it. Be transparent about it. Keep posting about it. Make a clear voice to yourself heard through your stories.

If you are unsure about posting something, don’t share it. Save it and come back a few days later. If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.

Have a meaningful conversation

Respond to comments, interact, actively listen. Being authentic means engaging in a meaningful way. Don’t ask questions to your audience unless you plan to read their answers. Don’t expect engagement from users unless you engage yourself.

Being available makes you more personable and approachable. It also creates an open space for conversation and feedback. Get close to your students and ultimately, use your words to make a positive impact in your interactions.

Track your accomplishments

Most of us invest a lot in classes and continuous improvement. Be proud of all your learnings!

YTT, classes, workshops and track records are important in any career. Did you speak in a conference about mindfulness? Did you attend creative classes to incorporate into your teaching style? If you are proud about a certain knowledge you gained, share it with the world.

Every little bit makes you unique.

Create trust with your audience

There is enormous value created in building trust. Trust has a lot do to with being clear, not deceiving and predictable. Predictability in a good way, means people know what to expect from you and your actions.

Here are a few quick tips that help you boost trust online:

  • Create good simple content
  • Use reliable sources of news (stay away from miracle dubious claims)
  • Use transparency when problems arise (apologize when needed)
  • Use familiar language to be clearly understood
  • Mind your spelling and avoid typos
  • Use symbols of trust, such as the certificates from Yoga Alliance
  • Give credit to others when they deserve it

“The reward for earning trust is a big one: loyalty”, Sally Hogshead

Collaborate with others

Be friends with people that care about what you care, comment on others social media or blogs.  A great way to collaborate is to write guest blog posts to people that publish about your main subjects. Write something that complements their story and offer another insight.

The complementary point of views and similar interests can unite forces and save some needed energy. Create time for joint ventures like co-marketing content or events. Having a strong network is extremely powerful and gets your message across.

Be consistent

Success does not happen overnight. Building a following takes time, typically a long time. Creating impactful and consistent communication demands continuous effort and iteration. In our age of always-on communication, audiences can sniff out contradictions and social media is a quick amplifier. Your words can be seen by anyone, anywhere, and what you say to one audience can be directly contrasted with what you say to another.

Telling a consistent story also takes time. Build a collection of stories into a coherent entity. And it is that coherence that builds loyalty over time. Keep telling your story over time and don’t give up. Keep up with the commitment.

Leadership requires some level of inspiration to others. Inspire and be inspired. Create authenticity that exudes in a beautiful online yoga persona!


We strongly recommend browsing through this amazing website: Start with why.

“Imagine a world where we wake up inspired to go to work.”

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