Business Tips for Yoga Professionals from 10 amazing coaches

We asked some of the best coaches and professionals in the yoga field their opinions on what helps yoga businesses. Ready for some awesome tips for yoga professionals?

Continue to grow with education investments

From Francesca Cervero

I think that being a yoga professional means you are able to offer yourself fully in your teaching; it means you are organized and consistent in your schedule, you make sure you are paid appropriately, and you have the resources you need to take good care of yourself. Making energetic, financial and time investments in your continuing education and practice is the most important thing you can do. There is no business advice that can make up for not being a strong or deeply studied teacher.

What will make you stand out from the pack is to carry yourself as a professional and treat this work with the seriousness and respect it deserves. If you move through the world with the knowledge that yoga has the power to affect meaningful global change and you intend to be a catalyst for that change, then that is exactly what will happen.

Focus on building relationships

From Rickilee Walls

More important then fancy yoga pics or large social media followings is your big why behind what you do. Answer the question, what do I believe to be true and share that. Focus on building relationships, sharing your authentic story, improving your craft and the sales will come.

Maintain an aligned and sustainable career

From Paloma Neuman from Rock Your Retreat

The best advice I would give a yoga teacher is to have the courage, curiosity, and discipline to keep growing. Seek to improve your skills and knowledge in all areas of your career, not only as a teacher but as a business owner too. This is the yin and the yang of an empowered, aligned and sustainable yoga career.

Focus on delivering a 5-star service

From Lauren Maniscalco

For Studio Owners: 100% keep your overhead as low as possible. So many studios go under trying to buy all the bells and whistles when what you’re clients are really expecting is 5-star service.

For instructors: Create raving fans. We are fortunate to live in the wellness mecca of Southern California, but with that comes quite a bit of saturation. Stand out by providing your clients with 5-star service. Go into each class or private session with, “how can I serve you today?” Their sense of loyalty and appreciate will create more word of mouth referrals than any social media promo could provide.

Think of yourself as an entrepreneur

From Shayna Hiller

The best advice I could give to a yoga professional is to start seeing yourself as an entrepreneur. Become interested in the business side of things in a way that doesn’t overwhelm you. Remain authentic and think of your students first. The more I focus on my students, my clients, and their needs, trust is established and a genuine connection is created. Also, depending on your goal, offer your services for a free or low cost, in the beginning, to gain experience and receive feedback and share your gifts. What you give you will get. Allow teaching yoga to be a practice of presence and meditation.

Build a solid mailing list

From Susanne Rieker from Happy Yoga Marketing

I would advise every new yoga teacher not to rely on social media alone to reach their students. The recent Facebook and Instagram algorithm changes mean that it gets even harder to reach your followers without paying for ads. They simply won’t see your loving crafted updates in their feed. Truth is: you never truly own your social media followers – the social networks do. But you own your email list. That’s why it’s so important to have a website and get your students to sign up for your email list if you want to share your workshops, retreats and more with them.

Find your yoga obsession

From Sabrina Phillip

As a yoga teacher myself, and the daughter and sister of yoga teachers, one thing I quickly noticed within my family is that we all had our own “things.” My mom was known for sequencing. My sister taught kid’s yoga. I taught yoga philosophy. Find your thing and brand it to YOU. Be an expert in your area and communicate the importance of what you teach throughout your classes and in your marketing. That “thing” that you’re obsessed with, is what’s going to make people obsessed with you and it’ll position you as an expert.

Do some market analysis to stand out

From Lanna Hill from One Small Step

My advice would be to do the work to develop a strong, unique, values-based brand story and strategic plan for your business. The health and wellness space is highly competitive and you need a strong point of difference to stand out. Do the homework and market analysis to understand your target market and try and find a gap – offer something (in your product, service or in your branding) that isn’t being offered. Find a way to stand out and create a highly engaged tribe.

Niche your yoga work to connect with your ideal students

Shannon Crow from The Connected Yoga Teacher

Defining your niche as a yoga entrepreneur makes everything easier.  Everyone has a unique offering to share and it doesn’t always fit the traditional yoga teacher role that we think of when we finish our first yoga teacher training.

When you are connected to the yoga that you are sharing your values, skills and unique curiosities — this yoga will bring you joy.

When you niche down, you start to connect with your ideal yoga student. Your message is clearer and more focused. You are talking right to people instead of talking to the overall general population. Marketing your yoga gets easier. Competition isn’t an issue because no one can share this unique offering like you can. Your authentic and true voice shines through when your niche is rooted in who you are.

Communicate what makes you the best choice

From Juliana Saldanha Personal Branding

Your online (or offline) presence should reflect who you truly are and why you do what you do. Even if you offer the same service as many others in the market, you are unique. Your mix of stories, experiences, knowledge, personality, and goals makes you unique. So stop and take some time to think about yourself and your journey so far. Highlight what characteristics most represent you, the knowledge your audience is looking for and Communicate it in a clear and consistent way. If it is authentic and clear, you will attract the right audience to you.


Do you have other tips for yoga professionals? Share it with us. We want to publish it!

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