How to build your perfect yoga teacher profile

When you land in someone’s profile, pictures are the first thing you see. There is a reason for that. A good picture can communicate numerous things and express feelings right away.
So take a look at some quick powerful tips to build your perfect yoga teacher profile, mixing good descriptions and visuals.

Express yourself beautifully and communicate your true essence in an unique manner.

Express through your cover picture

If you could define your yoga world in one image, what would that be? Think about how you want people to feel when first looking at your page. Keep your image simple, yet with a strong message. Are you trying to convey a peaceful atmosphere or energetic vibes?

TIP: since your profile picture is on the left, try to keep the focal point of your cover image from the middle to the right.


Get personal with your profile picture

In less than one-tenth of a second, we are able to draw conclusions based on a photo. Researches done on the subject, suggest that the best pictures have people smiling with teeth and in an asymmetrical composition.

Choose a picture that is a close-up, staying away from body shots. If needed, crop your body a little.

What does your facial expression say about you? Whether you are smiling or peaceful, show your personality and charisma!

TIP: Avoid hats, sunglasses and scarfs or hoodies. This is not the moment to hide!

Describe your uniqueness

What attracts people to you? In other words, what makes you unique and amazing? Be yourself, tell your journey and why you want to connect with students. Being completely transparent about who you are and who you want to connect with makes it easier for yogis to find and know you.

TIP: This is not a resume competition. Although it is vital to know if you have the skills to deal with specific students (like cancer patients or health-related issues), keep it personable.

Collect your student reviews

Getting feedback is always important. It keeps you connected with your students and your purpose. Ask your students to comment on your profile or classes and describe what they like the most about their experience.

TIP: Getting the first few comments are the hardest. Break the ice by sending your class link to your long-time students first.

Use the power of social media

Most likely you use social media already to communicate with your students. Connect your accounts and let people have an overview of your world.

Link a Youtube video of a class, event or record a welcoming video to enrich your profile page. Having a video expression allows you to truly illustrate your energy levels.

TIP: Your video does not have to be professional, most smartphones have great camera nowadays. Pick a good setting with great lighting and focus on the message for your students.

Sell your class

Technically, this is your advertising space. Start by picking the right picture, that shows the great location or the class vibe. People are very visual, so if you have a photo of a park, it becomes easy to distinguish that the class takes place in a park.

Describe your classes to explain what people should expect. This is where most people decide if there is a fit for what they are searching that day.

TIP: Give your class an amazingly cool name, but make sure people will quickly understand what it means.


Do you have any tips for making your yoga teacher profile more interesting? Do share them with us!

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