Beyond the yoga studio walls – inviting new people to yoga

Last week, I was mentioning to someone that I always manage to bring my friends into their first yoga class. Mostly, people, I see on a regular basis, mostly co-workers. People I care and want to share this great experience with.

But then, it got me thinking – WHY do these friends come with me? What actually entices them to follow me to a hot classroom, based on my promise that it’s going to be weirdly amazing. Why would anyone accept my invite to join me for yoga?

What occurred to me, is that I am a regular person. I am not an advanced yogi. I don’t post amazing head stand shots on the beach while smiling and holding a coconut. I don’t go to yoga ‘every damn day’ and I definitely don’t preach anything to anyone. Although I do tell people to breathe from time to time. In meetings. In elevators. In everyday life.

And perhaps, just perhaps, that is what some people need to get started. Some people are inspired by amazing complex poses, but some people just want to know they won’t be embarrassed with the basics. My friends in particular, just want to know they will feel comfortable with someone that is not super advanced. If I can do it, they can too.

Last week, there was a guy that was in class for his second time. He immediately bonded with my guest. Being embarrassed together can be a very bonding experience, I figured. We wanted to invite him for coffee with us after class but we were too shy.

So although I am very inspired by the yoga girl, the yoga on the beach and other amazingly beautiful shots, I am also extremely inspired by the everyday folks that can only make it to yoga twice a week. The journey is one I can relate to. 10 years practicing yoga on and off and on again, and still a beginner, learning, trying, breathing. And inviting others to be like me, beginners.

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