Basic Social Media for Yoga Teachers

Every time a conversation about digital marketing comes up, the first question is about social media. Social media is powerful and it continues to grow every single day. However, for social media to work properly for yoga teachers, some basics understandings on how it works and how to use it properly for business needs to happen.

There is a huge performance difference between random posts and pictures sporadically, and a cohesive communication strategy, translated into storytelling through social media. So how do you create a story worth telling to your yogi friends and followers? First, I highly recommend watching the basic marketing for yoga teachers video. This will prep your mindset to get ready for communicating who you are and who you want to offer your yoga to.

Secondly,  to create awesome social media for yoga, you will need to take a step back and understand 3 things:

  1. Why you should bother with Social Media at all – if you don’t have the right driver to do it, it is very likely that you will quit at some point.
  2. Why it is essential that you create goals and objectives before getting started – knowing that you are working towards something keeps you from being frustrated when things don’t work out as expected.
  3. How to use each social platform differently and why they each have specific triggers – from the basics of Facebook sharing to using Pinterest’s best picture format, each platform has its’ own communication style.

In this video, we chat about the topics above and hope to create a brainstorming environment to inspire you to create your own communication style in social media for yoga. So get ready to identify your strengths, create your best content, identifying what you do best and how you naturally enjoy expressing yourself.

The recipe for success in social media for yoga is having a plan. Visualizing what is the story that you want to tell and breaking it down into smaller episodes is what makes a good social media strategy. Picking the format, the length and where to post your awesome content comes later.

Watch the Basic Social Media for Yoga Teachers video now.


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