Basic Marketing for Yoga Teachers

There are 3 basic things to make a business successful: people, product, and marketing. If your business is already mature and you have the means to hire great people, develop your best product further and hire marketing resources, that ‘s amazing. If your business is still small and growing, there is no other way around it, you must get your hands dirty and learn the basics of product and marketing.

Knowledge is power.

People – that’s you and your team

This determines your capacity to execute things, from accounting to organizing events or online projects. If you have a team, members need to complement each other and assume different functions. That assures that each individual is performing in the areas it’s most valuable and efficient, thus creating the best results. Remember, people don’t have to be hires, it could be the people you collaborate with, freelancers or partners.

Product – that’s your offering

Whether you sell classes, workshops, events or yoga gear, you need to have a very clear vision of what you are selling. Your products must work together in a way where upselling and cross-selling is natural and your offering makes sense to your audience. You wouldn’t get a haircut from your chiropractor, right? A similar logic for consistency can be applied to your “product line”.

Marketing – that’s how you sell

When you have good people creating good products, the next step is to put on the right shelves. This is about distribution. A good consistent marketing program can power a long-lasting business throughout its journey.

To enter the world of marketing from its basic concepts we have developed a webinar with Basic Marketing for Yoga Teachers, completely free.  We will chat about:

  1. Getting your first few customers
  2. Engaging with your audience
  3. Creating an online presence
  4. Having the right technology

Again, knowledge is power. So don’t miss it!

Sign up for the free webinar on Basic Marketing for Yoga Teachers.

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