All yoga mats you can find out there

When the subject is yoga mats, the opinions are very diverse. Some yogis swear by their beautiful mats, some yogis love their different textures and functionalities and some people literally could not care less and buy the cheapest one out there. What matters the most is how you feel on the mat and what it brings to your life. It’s not about the color or price tag, but if some aspects are important to you, here is a list of the most popular brands for an easy to browse list of yoga mats.

Again, this is just a list! The important part is to get your yoga mat under your feet and get to it!

gaiam yoga mats

Gaiam Yoga Mats

These are probably for the most beautiful ones in my humble opinion. With colorful designs and patterns, Gaiam yoga mats go from 8mm to 15mm and they even offer a cute yoga kit for beginners.

manduka best yoga mats

Manduka Yoga Mats

Manduka mats are well known for their thickness and durability. Some can be quite heavy, but they have this great lightweight travel mat as well, with an easy to fold and carry mat. For many yogis, the Manduka PROLite is the best mat there is out there.

Best jade yoga mats

Jade Yoga Mats

Jade brand stands largely for an eco-friendly and earth oriented values. For each mat sold, they plant a tree! Which means they have sold over 1,3 millions mats and planted that many trees.

Yoloha Cork Yoga Mats

Yoloha Yoga Mats

Yoloha products are all made of cork. It’s pleasant to the eyes and super eco-friendly. Their story and passion for high quality eco products translate into these awesome mats. The native cork mat is one of their best selling ones.

Hugger Mugger Yoga Mats

Hugger Mugger Yoga Mats

Hugger Mugger is a brand that started in a yogi’s basement, always striving to provide functional products and eco-friendly materials. One of the most popular mats is the Para Rubber, great for extra stability.

Best Prana Yoga Mats

Prana Yoga Mats

Prana is also a very well-known brand for mats, but has quickly expanded to lots of clothing for both man and woman. Some teachers have vouched for the revolution mat, although it is not meant for sweaty classes.

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