Meet the FiitZ team

We connect people through better experiences.


Sabrina Gallier, Co-founder

I am in love with my yoga mat. When I step on it, I am the best and the worst version of me. Throughout my life, I have tried to explain this feeling to many people and that is impossible to do. So I drag friends to class with me after work, sharing the joys and the pains of discovering oneself. Now I want to drag more people to class with me.

By creating a tool that connects yogis, we are facilitating for many to enter this journey. We are empowering teachers to create better connections with students. This is why I started. This is what drives my everyday journey. Hope you can find yoga anywhere and practice everywhere.

Camilo Velasco, Head of Technology

I am .Net developer passionate about building platforms and systems to help people connect with others. I’m also an entrepreneur who loves the feeling to be on the “ground” with customers and users, getting feedback and making fast and real improvements.

As a tech person, I used to ignore all the healthy stuff. But yoga practice is different as it shows you the importance of mind/body connection. And this is why I decided to be part of FiitZ, to help others find perfect yoga classes and yoga teachers.

Louise Lerminiaux, Advisor

I am a seasoned management professional having worked in a variety of industry (oil & gas, real estate, multimedia, lingerie, biotech). I also consider myself an amateur athlete in several sports and understand the importance of a healthy mind/body connection to achieve both career, athletic and personal goals. Yoga was always the foundation to keep me grounded and it’s been insightful to see my personal evolution in the types of classes and teacher which resonate with me, depending on what may be going on in my life.

There is no such idea as one size fits all which is the impetus behind this endeavor – helping people find the right class, right teacher, right time based on what you need right now is our mission.