8 awesome yoga teachers you will come across on your yoga path

Awesome yoga teachers are not hard to come by. If you have been doing yoga for some time, you have probably explored a few different classes. When you start exploring yoga styles (and there are many to chose from), inevitably, you will come across a variety of styles of teaching and the most awesome yoga teachers. We have grouped a few classic teachers’ styles that you will most definitely come across in your yoga path.

The highly spiritual teacher

The classes are pure gold, filled with spiritual learnings. The teacher shares lots of journey learnings with everyone around them, using mantras, quotes and personal stories.

They inspire people with a deep knowledge of the soul and continuous search for clarity and purpose.

The super zen teacher

They have the calm voice of an angel. Their meditation guides people towards their inner voice and shines their inner light.

They will inspire people with their patience, understanding, and ability to listen.

The over-achiever teacher

The asanas are picture perfect. They are ready to demonstrate the most advanced poses while singing a mantra and smiling, at the same time!

They will inspire people through their dedication, hard work, and commitment.

The hyper teacher

Their life is fast-paced and so is their class. The high energy around is absolutely contagious and their mantra is Carpe Diem.

They inspire people with a huge passion for life.

The activist teacher

They have a huge heart. They are most likely vegans and care for all animals and living souls. They voice their concerns for humanitarian problems and for minorities across the globe.

They inspire people with empathy and care for others.

The yoga workout teacher

This class might be the most advanced in the studio and they thrive when students feel challenged in class. They have a deep sense of advancement and challenge others to always move forward.

They inspire people with a constant desire to evolve physically and create stronger bodies.

The historian teacher

They have traveled the world to learn from other cultures. Their classes are filled with amazing information about the history of yoga and all the deeper meanings.

They inspire people through their dedication to tradition and sharing their personal lessons.

The technology teacher

They know technology really well and use it for the best. They share content online, create awesome content and interact with students outside of class.

They inspire people with all the knowledge shared constantly on social media.

Curious to know what kind of awesome yoga teacher you are the most alike? Try the quiz below!


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