6 alternative locations to teaching in yoga studios

As seen in another post, San Diego yoga studios are mostly located in downtown and beach areas. However, there are many opportunities to spread the yoga practice beyond the walls. Just because there is not a yoga studio located in your nearby area, it doesn’t mean you can’t expand your regular practice and local following.

If you are looking to teach outdoors, you can also check out the rules for teaching in California’s parks. Otherwise, here are a few ideas to get your community engaged in your yoga practice in a number of alternative locations.

Cute coffee shops and bars

We are not here to promote ‘beer yoga’ and ‘drunk’ practice, promise. The idea here is a flexible space with part-time hours of operation. Coffee shops often times close early and bars often times open later in the day, so both spaces have availability to hold additional events. Additionally, these are the type of places that have easy to move furniture, so you can open some space to hold your classes.

Some coffee shops are already nicely decorated with lounge space and it makes it an easy delightful option for yoga practices. Some bars and restaurants have an outside patio – a great option for a beautiful day.

Busy commercial buildings and executive offices

The busiest commercial buildings are equipped with a gym already. Get in touch with the corporate offices to understand each building specific rules but chances are, lots of buildings will embrace the extra activity or even sponsor the class for their employees.

Cool co-working spaces

Co-working spaces area great because they already gather lots of vibrant, energetic people. A lot of these spaces have not so busy hours and because of how their community works, there is an opportunity for mid-day or after-hour classes. Some co-working spaces are open on weekends, yet empty, so there is a chance you could rent the space for workshops and events when they are not monetizing on their co-workers.

Neighborhood nurseries and farms

Nurseries will typically have an outdoor space, lots of green and fresh air, making it the perfect area for a yoga practice. While nurseries will typically be located in a more central place, which is good for frequent classes, farms are typically further removed, great for a day retreat or a more secluded workshop. Take advantage of this green setting to call all nature lovers to gather for some yoga.

Hospitals and rehabilitation centers

Why not go share your practice where it is the most needed? You probably will have to adapt your teaching style depending on your audience, but there are plenty of hospitals and rehabilitation centers that have gardens, gyms and lounge areas. So much can be accomplished by sharing yoga and breathing techniques with people, this is a unique opportunity to reach an unexpected audience.

Local schools and clubs

Yoga is for everyone, independent of age, so start them young! Lots of parents will be happy to find extra-curricular activities for their kids. There are a lot of benefits to sharing your practice with young adults and kids, and you can always expand your reach by creating events to include the parents.

After-thoughts on picking an alternative space to yoga studios

The key in any of these space options is to pick an area that can create the kind of environment that you need. It might be cheaper to pick a dive bar, but you probably don’t want the smell of old beer on the carpet when you are face down on your mat. That being said, so many places already attract a cool gathering of people, with an awesome vibe and layout, so try to find a spot where your crowd would hang out and could enjoy the experience.

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