Half of all San Diego yoga studios are concentrated in 8 neighborhoods

We are very curious here and we were wondering where most of the San Diego yoga studios are located. So, we mapped out all the yoga studios we could find in town, put it on a map and tried to overlay with other sets of data. Hopefully, this information can spark some conversations about opportunities and some ideas from the yoga community.

In total, there are 228 yoga studios in San Diego that we could locate. We have excluded Pilates studios, clubs and gyms that might have yoga classes, but they are not solely focused on yoga.

All in all, it seems yoga studios in San Diego have focused so far on the young and the rich. Nothing wrong with that, but it does leave a lot of room for opportunities still untapped.

49% of all yoga studios are concentrated in 8 main neighborhoods

La Jolla and Pacific Beach are the more concentrated areas, with 17% of all the city’s yoga studios.

The neighborhood with the most studios also has the 5th highest average income per household

We can observe that yoga studios are rather concentrated in areas with higher average household income. La Jolla has an average income per household of $ 153 K, behind only Fairbanks ($ 193 K), Del Mar ($ 179 K),  Rancho Bernardo ($ 154 K) and Rancho Santa Fé $ 155 K).

Although these high-income neighborhoods are not the most crowded with yoga studios, yoga studios are indeed concentrated in richer areas. 57% of yoga studios are in areas with income above $90K/year. According to the Census ACS, the median household income for California was $64,500 in 2015.

Yoga is predominantly practiced by mid-30s San Diegans

Besides La Jolla, Encinitas and Hillcrest who cater to neighborhoods with the average age above 40, all other top 10 areas have an average age in their 30s. Yoga is still seen as a vibrant power practice mainly catered to younger generations.

Here is the view of the areas mapped, organized by age:

Few San Diego yoga studios are located in the top 3 affluent areas

Although the neighborhoods of Del Mar, Fairbanks and Rancho Bernardo concentrate a lot of the high-income households, few yoga studios cater to the areas. Most yoga practices in the area seem to be happening in clubs and resorts – perhaps an opportunity to expand business in these areas.

Few yoga studios are located in high-density population areas

If you compare the information above with the population density below, there is a lot of neighborhoods that could present an opportunity for additional yoga presence.


Do you think some areas are crowded while others might be missing an opportunity? Any other thoughts about San Diego yoga studios? Share the information with us!

Here is the full list of San Diego Yoga Studios by zip code.


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