4 types of yoga students & how to market to them

We all know that not all yoga students are built the same. Different needs, wants, physical strengths and mindsets set all of us apart. To better understand and cater to your potential students with an adequate marketing strategy and message, identifying your main clusters of yoga students is crucial.

Take a closer look at these 4 types of yoga students and how each of them requires specific marketing.

Loyal yoga students

Loyal yoga students are likely to be a small segment of your overall student base. However, because of their loyalty, they are valuable to your yoga business. Once they have found the right person to share their yoga practice with, they will remain loyal, often becoming a promoter of your brand by sharing their yoga experience with their friends, family and extended social network.

According to a recent study, only between 12 percent and 15 percent of consumers are loyal to a business. However, that little group tends to generate between 55 percent and 70 percent of your sales. How can a yoga brand or business successfully market to a loyal consumer? The key is to focus on personalization, individualized attention, and repeated communication. These are your VIPs, those who get to know about early discounts for signing up for a yoga retreat or workshop. They have to feel exclusive and rewarded for their loyalty on a constant basis.

Discount yoga students

Discount seeking people are always on the hunt for the best deals, as the name suggests. They also have a tendency to frequent the same events and brands. However, they only make purchases when there is some kind of advantage or discount. To market to the discount students, you need to advertise your offers and specials! This audience will also love early bird discounts, holiday specials, and packaged deals.

Social media is a great way to share flash sales and promotions, as these yoga students will feel they are always aware of the best deal. They are also eager to pass along a great deal to friends, so a 2 for 1 special and bring a friend for FREE is very enticing to them.

Impulsive yoga students

Impulse yoga students are the most difficult when it comes to maximizing marketing efforts. These folks often don’t browse with a specific class or service in mind, let alone a brand. Rather they pick randomly, showing up when something strikes their fancy. Considering the whimsical nature of impulsive consumer purchasing habits, tailoring marketing efforts to them may not seem to be the best use of your resources, right? Yet, a vast majority of purchases overall are actually impulse-purchases. When you figure out how to effectively market to impulse yoga students, you can drive up your sales.

Keep in mind that impulse buying tends to be emotionally driven as opposed to logically driven. The key is to tap into the impulsive student’s emotions with specific powerful messages like “get the last yoga workout before the end of the week” or “reset your stress with a midday quick meditation session”.

A known-yoga studio had great success with a sign during rush-hour that said: “Stuck in traffic? Come de-stress with yoga. Mats are FREE.”

Need-Based yoga students

Need-based yoga students purchase to fulfill a specific need. Maybe they have run into physical pain and need relief. Perhaps they are going on vacation and need a new yoga experience. They could be approaching a milestone in their lives and are seeking spiritual guidance. In order to market to a need-based yoga student, your marketing strategy needs to anticipate these needs very effectively.

That means utility-centric marketing, with clear messages around the needs your practice will satisfy and the benefits of hiring you. You need to segment your students by needs and tailor a marketing strategy to each of those needs, outlining how you can help in a particular situation or promoting a specific yoga service to them.



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