4 things to know when you create a yoga business logo

Even if you are using your name for your yoga business, chances are you need a logo. Mostly to create a visual communication of your brand, but also to be consistent in your social media and marketing efforts.

Creating your yoga business logo can be as cheap as 5 dollars on Fiverr, or cost you thousands of dollars with a specialized designer. However, the route you take to decide on this important step, the 4 guidelines below are extremely useful to consider for your yoga business logo before settling for a final look.

Think of color as the base

Color is the first thing you see in a glimpse. It evokes emotions triggered by your brain before you can even process anything else. For example, the color red is proven to command multiple physical responses: a faster heart rate, higher blood pressure and also appetite stimulation (source). That’s because in nature red can signal danger.  The color blue is the other primary color that sparks the opposite (source). In nature, blue is associated with non-threatening things (water, sky, etc). That being said, think about how you can recognize many businesses driving by the freeway just for the color of their logo.

You don’t have to go through a multi-million dollar brand research (like the companies below), but showing to a few ideal students can reveal the sentiments they get on their first glimpse of your logo. Try showing different versions and colors, but observe their facial expressions as you go from one to another.

When picking a color, also test your logo colors in front of different backgrounds. Does it work if it’s turned black and white? It’s inevitable that you will need it in BW someday. Have some ideal contrast colors picked out. It is likely you will have a background color on a website, banners, and flyers.

TIP: If you pick the right palette of colors soon, you avoid some awkward usage of your logo later.

Source: Behind The Brands

Font as the structure

Think of fonts perception in term of a spectrum. Some fonts are more serious (great for lawyers), some fonts are edgy (great for fashion), some fonts are more modern (great for technology businesses), and so forth. Where are you on these aspects and does your font reflect the same?

TIP: the most important part of the font is that it is readable.

Symbols as cues

Symbols have been around for a long time. From hieroglyphs in caves and pyramids to our modern emojis, it facilitates communication. Think about it, if you see a lotus flower in a building sign, you think “wellness” or “yoga” right away. Use the symbols as a way to communicate something very quickly.

TIP: there are many awesome symbols in the yoga world. However, if your goal is to create quick communication, stay away from very complex symbols.

Simple is always better for yoga brand logos

Versatility for longevity

Often overlooked, a logo is nothing if it’s not going to be used. If your business grows, it’s likely that you will be applying it to additional places. If your logo has too many details, it will look great on paper, but it will not print well on a t-shirt. Or if you print an event banner, is it readable from a distance? Or does your logo become a big blur?
Often, test your logo in small materials and big ones. That way, you can imagine having it working well in a sticker, business card or on a big studio sign outdoors.

TIP: literally print your yoga business logo in different sizes and colors. As small as a stamp and as big as you can. Walk away from it and think about any elements that can be simplified if you can clearly read it.

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Whatever you decide to use for your yoga business logo, don’t dwell too much on it. Every single successful business has redone their logos multiple times.

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