3 important aspects in planning your yoga event outdoors

No matter what event or how big you want to go, there are certain aspects of event planning that are the same for everyone. To make sure your yoga event is successful, consider these items beforehand: location, engagement, and support.

But first, be clear to what success means to you and your yoga event. Is it to have a profitable series of events? Is it to have fun with friends? Is it to get closer to your neighbors and get newbies exposed to yoga? There is absolutely no rule here, but being honest about what your goal is, reduces wrong expectations.

Picking the right spot for your yoga event

There is a huge obvious difference between creating a secluded event and having your yoga event in the middle of a mall.

There are 2 mains aspects when talking about location:

Easiness of access – how easy it is to get to your yoga event will determine who and how many people show up. If you are looking to gather your neighbors, stay local. If you are looking to get people to experience something new, get them to a different location. If your event happens on the top of a mountain, it will attract athletic people.

Scenario creation – where your event is happening changes its mood. Pick our space creatively, but pay attention to the details. Is the beach area clean? Is the park too busy on weekends? Is a little wind worth an amazing view? Are there bathrooms nearby?

Yoga event location tips for planning
Photo by Marcelo Campos

Engaging the community before and after the event

Creating an event requires a lot more planning and effort than just setting up an event’s page on Facebook. Engagement does not mean posting in a bunch of random groups. So how do you create meaningful engagement with your community?

Create uniqueness – this can also be a huge conversation starter. There are many ways to make your event stand out. Can you bring guest speakers? Music? Art?

Create a theme – this can help communicate the uniqueness of the event. It can be as simple as a park cleanup to support a trash-free environment; or a celebration of Mercury Retrograde, which is a little bit more complex!

Create a dialog – instead of pushing the advertising for your event, you can ask in any group setting if anyone is interested in joining you or your cause. You can also share the details of creating your event as you add activities. This gets people involved in what’s happening.

Getting the right local sponsors (money X reach)

A good partner for an event is one that shares the same vision. But a great sponsor is one that shares the same target audience and see the event as a benefit to their business exposure.

When looking for sponsors there are 2 main things to consider:

Financial help – is the sponsor going to help with some of the costs (printing flyers, Facebook ads, etc)? Essentially he will get exposure to your students by donating money.

Adding reach – this means you can cross-post on social media, create exposure in their physical location (if that is the case), and both bring people to the event. The sponsor should also support by bringing products and samples.

A great yoga event outdoor has a good combination of the 3 elements above: an attractive location, an engaged community in whatever size, and good supporting partners. And lots of work, of course.

PS: The pictures used are from a yoga outdoor event called Mais Yoga Por Favor

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