13 really funny yoga class reviews

We love yoga. We love talking about yoga. We love watching yoga videos. But you probably never thought that reading these yoga class reviews would be so entertaining.

Here are 13 great yoga class reviews you might not have noticed are published on the wild wild web.

This guys’ yoga dreams of a pretzel domino got crushed.

This person’s yoga class review is also a business ad.

This person has a real appreciation for heated toilets.

This person has an amazing explanation of the shampoo process.

This person has an adjustable odor sensitivity.

This person has a deep appreciation for good-sized water bottles.

This person is not so into high-fives.

This person has a one of kind hate for nearby yummy food.

This person loves diet eye candy.

This person… loves the ankle mantra?

The yoga exhibitionist…

This zen farting experience seems life-changing.

And finally… there is broga.


We swear these yoga class reviews are all totally real!

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