10 ways to generate extra income as a yoga teacher

Yoga teachers have so much to offer to the world, but sometimes the business aspect of the profession falls behind. To help generate additional financial stability, we have gathered from our teacher friends all the income ideas they have executed on.

First, I would like to quickly recap how your yoga sales funnel should look like.

Common yoga sales funnel


  • Leads (TOP OF THE FUNNEL) > people that have shown some level of interest in your classes (online or physically)
  • Drop in students > people that are getting to know you (first timers, free trials)
  • Regular students > people are regularly paying for your services (monthly subscribers, purchased packages)
  • Workshops > people that look into deepening their practice (sometimes, these are not your regulars)
  • Retreats > people willing to engage in a deeper level and invest time and resources into your offerings
  • Evangelists > people that promote your services and are highly engaged with your core values (emotional connection)

Beyond the typical income above…

Let’s look into these 10 ways to generate extra income as a yoga teacher:

Before you get started on these ideas, just be clear that an extra income, should not be relied upon as your main income. Unless your side business starts growing exponentially and becomes your calling, be aware that your yoga business still needs your full attention to keep growing. If you dedicate too much attention to everything else, your main yoga business may suffer, which is counter-intuitive.

  • Offering essential oils
    While you explain the benefits of aromatherapy in your yoga classes and Reiki sessions, why not tell people all about the oils you are using and their nuances. It’s great to know they can be readily available for purchase after class.


  • Offering atmosphere essentials
    Whatever you use to create that awesome atmosphere in class: sage, palo santo, incenses and products can also be shared with the students.


  • Offering crystals and energy rocks
    From small to big crystals, there are a lot of opportunities out there. Most people are fascinated by the subject yet know very little about the properties and benefits of crystals.


  • Offering your own jewelry line
    Some yogis make their own jewelry line, while others purchase from small makers. Yogi accessories are a great way to incorporate meaning into small fashion accessories like malala beads, necklaces, energy rings, etc.


  • Offering your own yoga inspire T-shirts and clothing
    While most studios have T-shirts, independent teachers rarely have their own. Sometimes, if you have a retreat or workshop, people would love to support your business further and get a souvenir from a special moment. It doesn’t have to be just your logo, you can have a mantra or something fun. If you want to create a full line of clothes, you can partner with a local brand you already love.


  • Offering yoga accessories
    Everything can be custom branded these days. Especially for private classes (so you don’t have to carry a bag every time) and to support causes you believe in, you can brand your own belts, blocks, and even mats.

  • Offering affiliate products 
    Affiliate marketing is a very popular form of digital income. Although it might require you to learn how it works and how to create your links, products from yoga brands or Amazon often offer that option.


  • Offering online classes and videos
    You might decide that some of the content you create is so good, it has a lot of value. Research some technology that caters to your needs and integrates with your website to gate some content for purchase. This facilitates people from everywhere to access your offerings.


  • Offering membership access to content
    Create an exclusive area on your website, where differently from one-off contents, you can create a membership access. When you choose this option, you can upload lots of formats, but you also probably want to keep a schedule (weekly, monthly, quarterly) so there are always fresh materials to come back to.


  • Offering podcasts
    Either option above works for this format as well. The only thing to consider in this format is that people might be walking, driving, or in different environments. It is a good idea to explore these opportunities, like a walking meditation, or a breath work in your way to work.

Do you have additional ideas that generate extra income as a yoga teacher?
Share them with us.

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